We’ve got the data, you’ve got the ideas! BE.DASC is all about testing your skills, developing new ideas,

learning and networking while using real datasets – with no right or wrong. The aim is to find ways to use the

data in an efficient way in the future by finding clusters, using data visualization or machine learning.

The challenge

RatePAY will provide anonymized shopping basket data and participants may choose between two tracks:

Track One „Clustering & Visualisation“ – Find and visualize relationships among the data. Get creative!

Track Two „Classification“ – Develop a prediction model based on the data, e.g. with regard to fraud, returns…

Regarding the tools which may be used there are no specifications: whether it is R, Python or something

totally different, participants may approach the data with whatever they feel comfortable with.


  • TBA
  • Data Science
  • RatePAY office in Berlin
  • Students and (young) professionals

You can participate in the hackathon as

  • Individual

    You are a developer, designer or idea owner and enjoy working with real data and developing innovative solutions? Take up our challenge and register below!

  • Team

    You already have a team of designers, idea owners and/or developers and want to demonstrate your skills on real datasets? Register below and get creative with our data. Diverse teams are more than welcome!

We are open to all levels of experience!


So if you are either a student, professional or simply interested in our challenge, feel free to apply.

Prizes for the top 3 teams Winners may choose between different options

  • 1st prize

    Prizes worth 1.500 Euro
    2 day coaching with the Data Science/Risk management team at RatePAY

  • 2nd prize

    Prizes worth 1.000 Euro
    1 day coaching with the Data Science/Risk management team at RatePAY

  • 3rd price

    Prizes worth 750 Euro

BE.DASC Programme

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Kick-off event starting at 5:00 p.m.

Food, drinks & a first introduction about what is going to happen throughout the next days


The Jury

  • Flaminia Catalli Ph.D.

    Data scientist and Risk Analyst at RatePAY GmbH

  • Vincent Haupert

    Computer Security Researcher at FAU

  • Norman Gödecke

    Team manager IT development at DKB

  • Mor Sondak

    Senior Data Scientist at Fraugster

  • Eike von Seggern

    Data Scientist at Sevenval


  • DKB AG

  • Fraugster Ltd