Customer payments

As RatePAY protects you against payment default, we buy the receivables that you have with your customers and they therefore settle the balance with RatePAY.

Invoice design

As your customers pay the purchase amount to RatePAY, the invoice that is sent to customers must include only the account information of RatePAY. We will be happy to provide you with an invoice template or can send invoices to your customers directly, if you prefer.

Merchant portal

Our merchant portal can be found under

Product returns

No, your customers will not be sent a new invoice if they return some of the order.

Payment reporting

Payment reporting is made available in CORA under “Reports” as an xls or csv file.

Merchant statement

We will send a merchant statement each month to your specified email address as provided to RatePAY. In addition, you can download the merchant statement in CORA.


Your general terms and conditions should be adapted for each payment method that is offered. We will support you in ensuring your terms and conditions are correctly formulated.