Your benefits

  • No hidden costs

    With us, you always know what costs to expect and when.

  • Secure payment

    We guarantee the security of the payment process and your data.

  • Goods first, then payment

    With RatePAY open invoice and RatePAY instalment payments, the goods will be conveniently delivered to your home and payment will follow later.

  • No registration

    You have the option to pay without membership or registration, as you wish.

Do you have anymore questions?

  • If I wish to request a self-disclosure, where might I be able to do this?
  • Why am I unable to pay using the RatePAY payment method I have chosen?
  • When and how will I receive my receipt?
  • I have not received a receipt or I have lost it.
  • What happens when the direct debit could not be taken from my account?

Information on the data stored by RatePAY can be requested directly from us. Self-disclosures can be obtained from various credit agencies. Agencies with which RatePAY works include Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, SCHUFA Holding AG, Infoscore Consumer Data GmbH, Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH & Co. KG  and CRIF.

More questions

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