RatePAY conducts an automated risk assessment using the data you supplied. If your preferred payment method is rejected, please check that all data has been entered correctly. Should this not resolve the issue, please choose another payment method.


Please check whether all payment-related data including account number, payment amount and payment purpose (e.g. DGxxxxxxxx) has been entered correctly. If these are all correct, then it would appear that the amount was not transferred in good time – depending on the bank, transfers can take up to three working days.


The online merchant with whom you placed your order is responsible for sending out your receipt. There are various different ways this is arranged: some merchants send a receipt immediately by email after an order is placed, others do this only once the items have been despatched, while others still enclose the receipt directly with the order. If you have received your order but are waiting on the receipt, please contact the online shop’s customer service department.


If you happen to have paid too much on one occasion, we clear the excess amount as a one-off payment on the remaining balance. In this instance, you will receive an updated instalment plan with updated monthly rates and, if necessary, a shortened payment term.


If you are still yet to receive your order, we would ask you to contact the merchant immediately. Please inform the merchant that the goods should be sent to you without further delay and that they should also contact RatePAY to re-define payment terms.


  • What is SEPA?
  • What do IBAN and BIC mean?
  • What does SEPA direct debit mandate mean?
  • What does "advance information" mean?

SEPA is a unified direct debit procedure across all EU Member States first introduced in 2014. It has replaced the classic direct debit. For SEPA direct debits, both the BIC and IBAN must be entered (see next question).

General query

Information on the data stored by RatePAY can be requested directly from us. Self-disclosures can be obtained from various credit agencies. Agencies with which RatePAY works include Creditreform Boniversum GmbH, SCHUFA Holding AG, Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH & Co. KG  and CRIF.