RatePAY Terms of Payment (SEPA Direct Debit)

  1. General Terms
    1. RatePAY GmbH, Franklinstraße 28-29, 10587 Berlin, Germany, registered with the District Court of Charlottenburg (Berlin) under Ref. No. HRB 124156 B (“RATEPAY”) offers different online payment services to online merchants (“sellers”) and online marketplaces.
    2. eBay incorporated a RATEPAY payment method so sellers can choose to offer these payment option to you, the buyer, to fulfill your payment obligations resulting from a sales contract concluded between you and the seller on eBay.
    3. By agreeing to these Terms of Payment you declare that you are 18 years of age or older.
    4. These Terms of Payment apply where you have selected an available RATEPAY payment method. Please pay attention to the fact that these Terms of Payment supplement any terms and conditions agreed between you and the seller as well as eBay. In the event of a dispute, these Terms of Payment shall take precedence over other deviating terms and conditions.
    5. No contract shall come into being between you and RATEPAY inasmuch as nothing to the contrary is explicitly stated.
    6. If you have selected a RATEPAY payment method to settle your purchase on eBay, the seller will cede the claims arising from the sales contract to the eBay payments provider (eBay S.à r.l.), who will cede the claims to RATEPAY directly or through a third party payments provider based on an ongoing factoring agreement.
      Thus, where you selected a RATEPAY payment method , payments with discharging effect can only be made to RATEPAY.
    7. The title to purchased goods remains reserved until such time payment has been effected in full.
  2. RATEPAY Payment by SEPA direct debit
    1. In choosing RATEPAY payment by SEPA direct debit you decide in favour of payment by SEPA direct debit. You will receive a separate payment information (pre-notification) by e-mail, which shall become due for payment without deductions within a period of 3 days following your purchase. A later, near-term collection may follow. In addition, you may receive an invoice by the seller or eBay.
    2. When using RATEPAY payment by SEPA direct debit you grant RATEPAY a SEPA direct debit authorisation. RATEPAY shall then collect the receivable from the sales contract between you and the seller in accordance with the authorisation you grant and the creditor’s identification number specified therein from the current bank account specified by you.
    3. Should a reduction of the payment amount (e.g. due to credit notes) follow between the issuing of the separate payment information and the due date, the booked amount may deviate from that indicated on the separate payment information.
    4. You are required to ensure that sufficient funds are in the current bank account indicated on the due date. The banking institute managing the bank account is not under an obligation to redeem the direct debit should the funds in the bank account not be sufficient.
    5. Should a chargeback of the direct debit be effected due to a lack of sufficient funds in the bank account, an unjustified objection on the part of the bank account holder or due to false or incorrect information for the granting of a SEPA direct debit authorisation or because of the termination of the current bank account, you shall be in default without any separate warning, unless it should be the case that the chargeback was the result of a circumstance for which you do not bear the responsibility.
    6. In case you negligently or willfully caused a chargeback the fees charged by the bank account managing banking institute to RATEPAY shall be passed on to you including an appropriate processing fee and are to be paid by you, unless you can prove that no damage or only a lower damage than the processing fee was incurred. RATEPAY is entitled, in the event of a chargeback, to adjust the method of payment to the SEPA bank transfer procedure.
    7. Should you be in default, RATEPAY shall be entitled to charge an appropriate fee for each reminder and default interest amounting to five percentage points above the respective basic interest rate of the European Central Bank, unless you can prove that no damage or only a lower damage than the processing fee was incurred.
    8. In view of the high costs that are connected with a chargeback, we request you, in the event of a rescission of the sales contract concluded between yourself and the seller, a return delivery or a complaint, not to object to the SEPA direct debit. In such cases, coordination with the seller and/or the marketplace will be carried out automatically and the reversal of the payment shall be effected by way of the transfer back of the amount in question or by way of a credit note.
  3. Risk Assessment
    1. eBay S.à r.l., providing the payments services for the eBay sellers, reserves the right to perform a risk analysis in cooperation with RATEPAY. As part of the risk analysis, your data is processed in order to determine whether you will be able to fulfil your payment obligations. The risk analysis also included fraud prevention measures. In this way you were protected from possible over-indebtedness, fraudulent use of your personal data and the risk of non-payment. Further details about the processing of your data at RATEPAY may be gathered from the Data Privacy Statement of RATEPAY, which you will also find on RATEPAY’s website.
    2. Should, due to a payment being subject to a default risk, the use of the RATEPAY payment method selected by you not be possible, the seller reserves the right to offer an alternative possible method of payment as provided by eBay S.à r.l. on eBay.
  4. Miscellaneous
    By selecting the RATEPAY payment method you agree that your personal data is transferred to RATEPAY solely for the purpose of executing the underlying transaction.