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After Ratepay’s first Art Exhibition, ‚Come Closer: How Sustainability & Art Go Together,‘ we are delighted to present to you ‚Let’s Get in Touch: Art in the context of social responsibility‘ (8/29/23 – 2/29/24) on the 5th floor at the Berlin Ratepay office. „Through the conceptual photography of Ira Brana and the one-line characters drawn by Noé Borst, we want to foster the fusion of your daily work responsibilities with wonderful examples of visionary art expressions.“

Overall Concept:

On the 3rd floor we proudly present: the Exhibition: RIA – Ratepay Internal Artists, the 4th floor holds the Ratepay Art Collection and the 5th floor features changing exhibitions.

How Art & Sustainability @Ratepay go together

The Interconnection between Art and Sustainability is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for the complex challenges of our society, to give back to the community and bring diverse realities closer together.

Ratepay’s heart and main resource is its people. Having introduced social engagement through participation in charitable projects to our employees (like Community Connect @Ratepay since the beginning of 2021) – now it‘s time to connect with art. Using art as a lens can help us see these important social issues, sharpen our thinking, and stimulate debate.

The Artists

Dive into new possibilities of close observation and raise awareness of social responsibility. Together with the Sustainability Team & the curator Dr. Beatrice Miersch we are showcasing two young, talented artists who dedicate themselves to close observation and reflection of our society. Ira Brana & Noé Borst embark on an artistic exploration, characterized by both sharp thinking and a vibrant utilization of colors.

Ira Brana

When still life photography and humor meet – a conceptual and also playful artwork is evolving: Ira Brana questions the value of surrounding objects in the era of mass consumption and their metaphorical meanings within our society and her personal universe. She crafts her still life from minuscule fragments, scraps, intriguing chips, as echoes of a current state or traces of the pasts. Ira Brana’s unique artistic language is a blend of experimentation and conceptual stylistic linearity while utilizing various colors and textures. Which objects tell your story?

Ira Brana, born in 1990 and currently based in Armenia, has been involved in photography for almost 13 years. At the moment, she utilizes the kitchen in her rented apartment in Yerevan as her studio. Ira Brana has participated in various international exhibitions; most recently in the “Festival of Life,” a 3D online solo exhibition from Berlin, as well as in the Art Weekend in Podgorica, Montenegro, and the group exhibition „Homecoming” in Yerevan.

Noé Borst

Noé Borst observes people. In his painterly works, he captures them with a never-ending single, pink line. His chosen surfaces vary, including paper, previously used canvases, or leftover colored MDF panels, which he reworks with impressive carvings. Noé Borst examines each character as if through an X-ray view and hands over this power to the viewer, encouraging a closer look at the crowd as a collective or sometimes a unit of strangers, where each individual’s hand gesture, gaze, and emotions matter.

Noé Borst, born 1994 in Paris, has just graduated in Painting from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee and showcased his works in the graduates’ exhibition “TUMULT” at Alte Münze in Berlin. Noé Borst also works as a producer, animator, and graphic designer for music videos and films.

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Do you have questions about the artists, artworks and the exhibition? Feel free to contact us at any time.

Ratepay Internal Artist

Andreas Rau

„Peace of mind“ is one of Andreas´ favorite tracks, a pretty unknown song by „The Killers“. Also unknown was his dedication to art when it comes to photography. With a collection of snapshots taken in the beautiful Jordan, he’d like to encourage others to also express their hidden gems – and to find their own „peace of mind“.

Untitled (2023)

Khan Busz

Görlitzer Bahnhof (2021)

Khan does point and shoot fotography with his small but capable Olympus Mju-1. With this style of Photography, it is all about capturing what he sees in a given, special instant. Being an original Berliner he has a strong connection to his home city and collects snap shots of places and buildings in Berlin and how they present them self. The places portrayed in this exhibition are located on several busy spots whithin the city and can be found by anyone – but how similar or different to the pictuers might they look and appear then?

Nadeschda Sedov

Nadja’s works try to capture the connection between nature and urban life. She likes to experiment with different shapes, colours and materials. Her love of experimentation is evident in the diversity of the artistic directions, with acrylic and watercolour being preferred mediums to express unique narratives and invite viewers on an inspiring journey through the facets of nature and urban life.

Untitled (2023)

Olachi Thelma Opara

Reconnecting (2020)

Olachi Opara’s art is multidimensional in the sense that she creates art using different media and techniques. They range from acrylic on canvas and paper, to fluid painting, to graphite on paper, mixed media, textile painting, and a bit of amateur photography. Her art is inspired by the desire to express her state of mind. A common theme in her current works is on the back-and-forth relationship with control.

Philip Thielenhaus

Even though Philip thought for most of his life that he would not have any creativity inside him, Covid lock-down made it happen! Painting allowed him to be in the realm of flow-state and losing himself in the process. While some painters just start, he likes to make an abstract concept of structure and colors and then dive into it!

Untitled (2021)

René Kray

What do you think when you hear „play“? (2023)

Already  as a young child René discovered his artistic passion. Everything was painted and art were made out of everything. From there, a passion for photogravure developed. He is always on the hunt for the special moment or the curious aspect in a picture. Portrait photography in particular, but also portrait drawings are the focus of his work. The exhibition includes a portrait of Olachi, a group picture from the 2018 Christmas party and several pictures from around the office.