The management board

  • Miriam Wohlfarth

    Managing Director, Founder

    Miriam Wohlfarth is Managing Director and co-founder of RatePAY, with her main areas of responsibility encompassing marketing and sales. With more than 17 years of experience in online payment, she knows the industry like the back of her hand and is skilled at finding the right, specific solution for every requirement. Before RatePAY, she helped build up and develop major payment service providers. Alongside her role at RatePAY, Miriam Wohlfarth is actively involved in many networks and industry events.

  • Jesper Wahrendorf


    Jesper Wahrendorf is Managing Director and CEO of RatePAY. He is the specialist for strategic development at RatePAY. RatePAY’s customers benefit from his comprehensive e-commerce expertise, which he acquired over the years as Managing Director of myfab and Head of Business Development New Media at the Otto Group.

  • Urs Bader


    Urs Bader is COO at RatePAY and is in charge for the departments Customer Service Management, Debtors Management, IT-Service Operations and Risk Management. Urs Bader has been working for RatePAY since 2012, most recently as Director Operations. In this role, he pushed the internationalization of the company and was responsible for numerous product developments. Previously, he was strategic business consultant in Paris and London.

  • Luise Linden


    Luise Linden is CTO of RatePAY and the strong voice of the growing area of ​​Product & IT. Together with her team, she is responsible for the development and operation of the RatePAY products. The graduated computer scientist has been part of the RatePAY team since 2011 and had big influence in driving the agile transformation forward.

RatePAY – that's us!

RatePAY is your partner for easy and secure payments online. We are experts in individual e-payment solutions for all types of online shop. We support individual multichannel approaches, handle the entire payment process and carry the risk for payment default. Our products include instalment payment without Postident procedure and with immediate online approval, open invoice, direct debit and payment in advance.

Our milestones

  • 2009


    Miriam Wohlfarth and her colleagues established RatePAY. Their aim was to make online shopping easier by making the favorite payment methods in Germany available in the online world – easy, quick and secure.

  • 2010


    Word of success spreads quickly: In 2010, the Otto Group acquired a first share in RatePAY via its EOS payment division. Until 2017 RatePAY was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group.

  • 2016

    Licensing and growth

    As one of only few payment providers, RatePAY has been granted a license under the German Payment Services Oversight Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz; ZAG) by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and is now able to offer customers an even more comprehensive service. In addition, in 2016 RatePAY reached 100 members of staff.

Our team

  • Andrej Schleicher

    Business Development Management
  • Regina Repp

    Human Resources
  • Marco Pohl

    Software Engineering
  • Mandy Siebert

  • Julia Tschawdarow

    Marketing & Communications
  • Eugen Nommensen

    Debtors Management
  • Dominique Leikauf

    Executive Assistant
  • Stjepan Krizic

    Business Development Management
  • Felicitas Vlachakis

  • Aarne Welschlau

    Software Engineering
  • Laura Kölmel

  • Susan Lange

  • Thien Vu

    DWH Development
  • Friderike Schröder

    Human Resources
  • Snezhana Kalcheva

    Risk Management
  • Marco Gau

    Product Management
  • Jan Becker

    Software Engineering
  • Jeanette Pichlak

    Debtors Management
  • Diana Büttner

    Customer Service Center
  • Jörg Otto

    Customer Integration Management
  • Elena Babajanov

    Risk Management
  • Nicolas Kipp

  • Rajesh Reddy Raya

    Debtors Management
  • Siu Binh Lam

    Customer Relationship Management
  • Emil Michael

    Incident Management
  • Annegret Seufert

    Software Engineering
  • Charlotte Ruffin

    Compliance Management
  • Jan Geisler

    Customer Service Center
  • Marcel Umlauft

    Marketing & PR
  • Diana Buchholz

    Debtors Management
  • Marcus Ericsson

    Software Engineering
  • Carsten Scherbart

    Software Engineering
  • Marvin Lange

    Contract Management
  • Ariane Zühlke

    Office Management
  • Martin Kuhl

    Service Management
  • Daniel Reyes Infante

    Debtors Management
  • Stefan Kuske

    Human Resources
  • Stephan Lorenz

    DWH Development
  • Thorsten Scherzer

    Business Development
  • David Gerhardt

    Risk Management
  • Rolf Weller

    Debtors Management
  • Michal Ajchman

    Software Engineering
  • Christian Funk

    Customer Service Center
  • Guido Greschuchna

    DWH Development
  • Florian Guichard

    Customer Service Center
  • Thomas Hoeft

    DWH Development
  • Till Holzknecht

    Technical Customer Service Management
  • Sascha Kirchhoff

  • Stephan Schmidt

    IT Administration
  • Daniel Blümel

    Customer Service Center
  • Martin Kuhn

    Software Engineering
  • Manuel Muthig

    DWH Development
  • Anel Spahovic

    Business Development Management
  • Ercan Sahbaz

    Debtors Management
  • Markus Stübing

    Customer Integration & Relationship Management
  • Robert Brixner

    Risk Management
  • Sebastian Zimmer

    Customer Service Center