Payment by Direct Debit

Advantage through trust

Integrate payment by direct debit into your checkout and look forward to new growth.

Benefits for your e-commerce business

Lower abandonment rate

Payment by direct debit is well-known throughout the GER-A-CH region and enjoys a high level of trust. Many shoppers simply prefer to pay this way. The consequences are positive: No abandonments at the checkout.

No default risk

Whatever happens, you’ll definitely get your money. We bear the risk of fraud and default for you. No ifs and buts.

No administration costs

We bear all administration costs for you, for example in the event of direct debit reversals. You can put your feet up, we roll up our sleeves.

Benefits for your customers


Direct debit is a familiar, well-established payment option that is well-known throughout the GER-A-CH region and enjoys a high level of trust. Shoppers are made to feel secure during the payment process.

Convenience of standing orders

Direct debit is a particularly popular option for recurring payments, i.e. subscriptions or other payments due regularly.

Complete control of the costs

Your customers are fully in control of the costs. There are no hidden fees – either in the form of interest or in the form of potentially due late payment fees.

Faster payment

By entering their details once and then saving them, shoppers can conveniently pay with just one click when they next visit your shop, which saves them valuable time.

What payment by direct debit actually looks like in practice

“Thanks to the Ratepay direct debit option, the average shopping cart value has increased by ten percent.”

Jan Pohlkamp
Head of E-Commerce

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