Turning skeptics into fans with our added values

Our benefits at hand

Every day, we work on high-quality solutions that boost your conversion rate and turnover, and ensure that you don’t have to worry and can focus fully on your core business.

Three added values that are particularly important to us in the course of what we do for you:

Der White-Label-Ansatz

Our white label option

Online shops that offer all payment options in their own shop design enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate than shops that do so visibly via third-party providers. White label solutions are therefore nothing but turnover boosting, and we are the leading providers of these in Europe.

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Das flexible Baukastenprinzip

Flexible modular system principle

Our payment solutions are always adapted to the requirements of your e-commerce business, never vice versa. Simply choose the modules you need from our high-tech modular system offer, and configure them according to your requirements. However, we also offer you tailor-made solutions, of course.

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Die echte Partnerschaft

True partnership: long-term

When it comes to money, you need a partner you can rely on. A partner that is loyal and transparent, and always there for you with practical support and advice.
That is precisely what we intend to be for you. With optimum solutions, top-class service, and: long-term.

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But we’re not stopping there:

Genuine B2B solutions

Dynamic due dates, special terms, different price categories – invoicing business customers can be particularly challenging. That is why we provide genuine B2B solutions that permit you to deal with this special customer group in a customised way. By the way: In the GER-A-CH region, payment on invoice is also the most popular payment option for business customers.

End-to-end value creation chain

We offer comprehensive support, from help with the integration to providing customer, credit control and repayment management services, to ensure that you can focus fully on your products and services. Our friendly and extremely competent service agents answer questions, deal with reminders and promptly resolve problems with fair repayment terms.

Cross-channel solutions

Our payment options are multichannel solutions and available wherever you would like to use them: Online, at the point of sale, on wearables, in machine-to-machine communication, at the steering wheel of a vehicle or on the Internet of Things. The possibilities are endless.

AI-based risk analysis in real time

Our in-house developed artificial intelligence is incorruptible and suspects fraud before it happens. In a matter of milliseconds, it checks the credit rating of your customers, and verifies their identity. You’ll therefore gain real customers, and we can protect you 100% against payment default.