Purchase by Open Invoice

The most popular way to pay in the D-A-CH region

Give your customers more scope and increase your conversion rate by offering Purchase by Open Invoice.

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Of all online purchases in the GER-A-CH region, 30% are paid for Purchase by Open Invoice
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In 2020 alone, online shops that offered Purchase by Open Invoice recorded a 46% increase in growth
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Online shops that offered Purchase by Open Invoice via an external service provider recorded a 25% growth

Benefits for your e-commerce business

More new customers

In 2020, 30% of all online purchases in the D-A-CH region were paid for through Purchase by Open Invoice. This means: If you do not offer the open invoice option, you may risk losing a number of potential new customers.

New growth

In 2020, online shops that offered Purchase by Open Invoice recorded 46% more growth than shops that did not offer this option. Get in touch with us if you no longer want to lose out on this growth in future. We will be happy to help.

Lower risk of fraud

In 2021, 62% of German online shops reported an increase in the number of attempted fraudulent shopping transactions, compared to the previous year. Integrating Purchase by Open Invoice via Ratepay means that you no longer have to worry about such attempts, as we bear the risk for you. In full.

Guaranteed 100% payout

Our AI-based risk analysis spots fraudulent online shopping attempts in real time. However, even in the unlikely event of identity or transaction reversal fraud, you can simply lean back and relax: We guarantee that we will always pay out the invoice amount in full.

Benefits for your customers

More financial scope

Buy now, pay later – people appreciate the extended financial scope payment on invoice offers. These days, they also simply expect to be offered this option at the checkout of an online shop.

Flexible due date

With a special “pay later” option, your customers can move the due date for the respective invoice to up to 150 days from the date of purchase. This extends their financial scope and increases their purchasing power.

Chance to inspect the goods before payment

Your customers can make sure the goods they have ordered are in a good condition before they pay for them. This additional security upgrades the shopping experience and contributes considerably to customer satisfaction.

No payment in the event of a return

In the event of a return, your customers can delay the invoice payment until the return transaction has been fully completed. They therefore only pay for the goods they actually keep.

What Purchase by Open Invoice actually looks like in practice

“The Ratepay Purchase by Open Invoice option has now become Juwelo’s most popular payment option.”

florian spatz juwelo ratepay

Florian Spatz
MD Juwelo

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