Payment in Instalments

Give your customers optimum flexibility

Not only existing customers appreciate the option of being able to pay for larger investments in instalments. It also makes your shop considerably more interesting for many new customers.

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Benefits for your e-commerce business

Lower abandonment rate

If you do not offer your customers the option of being able to pay in instalments, you may well increase the risk of shopping cart abandonment, as many of them simply find applying for a comparable loan from their own or a digital bank too much hassle; it may also be not an option for them for other reasons.

Scalable instalment costs

You decide who bears which proportion of the instalment costs. You can either make your customers pay 100% of the costs, share them with your customers or even bear all of the costs yourself.

New customer groups

By offering payment in instalments, you will also appeal to potential new customers with less money to spend who would like to treat themselves to something special.

No hidden costs

No associated hidden costs for you. The interest due neither depends on the customer’s credit rating, nor on the term of the loan.

Benefits for your customers

Scalable instalment amounts

With the Ratepay payment by instalments option, you can offer your customers up to 36 months of time to pay the amount due in full. Everyone can therefore opt for the instalment plan that best matches their needs – and their current financial situation.

High level of flexibility

By offering payment in instalments, you give your customers a high level of financial flexibility that also makes it possible for them to make more expensive purchases whenever they like.

Early repayments

Early repayments are also possible. If requested, our customer service will inform your customers about their new, individual payment plan for the remaining term in the event of any additional payments or refunds.

Instant online approval

Your customers are given instant approval online directly at the checkout. Without a time-consuming identity check, without having to present a payslip or a contract of employment.

What payment by instalments actually looks like in practice

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