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Our payment solutions can be integrated in various ways. You decide whether directly via API or through: a PSP, a shop module or an ERP system. If you wish to integrate other payment solutions in addition to Ratepay’s, you can do so conveniently via one of our PSP or shop module partners. In this way, you can secure full coverage and presence in the D-A-CH region.

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We understand the specifics of your business and the challenges you face. That’s why we create individualized solutions, which include a smooth onboarding process of your merchants, a simple contractual arrangement and a painless technical integration. Ratepay’s plug and pay solution enables you to keep acting as the single point of contact for your merchants. The shoppers enjoy a seamless customer experience via our convenient one stop shop solution and their preferred payment methods. With our solutions, you offer your merchants secure, guaranteed and fast payouts.

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By using our solutions, you will be able to add to your portfolio the most popular payment methods in the DACH region and the Netherlands. With just one integration, you can connect a large number of merchants, thereby minimizing effort and costs. Thanks to our plug and pay solution, we simplify contractual arrangements and payment flow, while ensuring that you remain the sole point of contact for your merchants. All solutions are easily scalable and allow a smooth and convenient merchant onboarding. You save time, money and retain full control of the relationship with your merchants.

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