Payments your way – how our claim came about

Christoph Brack

For many, 2020 was simply a year to tick off. For us, too, the year was outstandingly challenging, but we also fulfilled a long-cherished wish: a completely overhauled brand presence including a new corporate design, a new website and a new claim. About the impossible task of condensing an entire company into three words.

When we set out to immerse Ratepay in a new light, we naturally asked ourselves what defines us at our core. Why do we exist and what are the things we can do better than others? The framework was clear. Above all else, Ratepay means absolute payments expertise. We have experienced virtually every situation involving payment solutions, cover the entire payment value chain with a focus on risk management and can thus offer our customers a one hundred percent payout guarantee. So the word payments definitely had to be in the claim. After all, we think, feel and breathe payments. But is that all?

How to say “optimising customer lifetime value” and “partner in finance” in two words.

What about the significant improvement in customer lifetime value we achieve for our customers? By covering 60% of the most popular payment solutions in the DACH region with the look and feel that creates trust for our customers and full payment flexibility for shoppers? With the fact that it doesn’t end after the checkout and that we show greatness and win the hearts of shoppers where it counts: in the dunning process? How do we express that in a nutshell?

Or how do we mention that we are also a financing partner, e.g. by increasing the net working capital for our customers, improving the balance sheet and saving customer service costs with our solutions? How do you get all this explained in a few words?

Impossible, actually. In the end, however, we do one thing above all: make life easier for our customers in everything that has to do with payments. As invisibly as possible and precisely tailored to their needs. We provide flexible payment solutions, however our customers and their buyers want them. For us, Sinatra should have sung I did it your way. So what is Ratepay in three words?

Payments your way.