Joint growth: Ratepay now also offers White Label Purchase by Open Invoice option for PayPal

Ratepay will be the exclusive Purchase by Open Invoice partner for the German “PayPal Checkout”. In future, online retailers will therefore be able to offer their customers Payment by Open Invoice, natively integrated into their checkout.

Two are better than one

Thanks to our solution, PayPal is now able to connect two of the most important Ecommerce turnover boosters with each other: Payment by Open Invoice to customers, and White Label to retailers.


Purchase by Open Invoice

In the GER-A-CH region, payment on invoice has been the most popular payment option for quite some time now. Online shops which do not offer the payment on invoice option at their checkouts inevitably see high cart abandonment rates, and are therefore forfeiting a considerably higher turnover by choice. In short: Payment on invoice is an expected eCommerce standard.

Der White-Label-Ansatz

White label

Thanks to our technology, PayPal is now able to offer white label payment on invoice: This means that not only the payment option is integrated into the checkout as if it were a service offered directly by the shop – the entire payment process takes place in the online shop’s brand world, which leads to higher conversion and lower cart abandonment rates.

Why White Label Purchase by Open Invoice?

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of all online purchases in the GER-A-CH region are paid for by Open Invoice
00 %
more growth in 2020 for online shops that offered Payment by Open Invoice
00 %
fewer White Label Payment by Open Invoice shopping cart abandonments

Retailer benefits

Turnover booster for retailers

Retailers that are able to offer Payment by Open Invoice merely require a PayPal interface. You can look forward to the following benefits:

You are offering the GER-A-CH region’s most popular payment type, which many shoppers simply expect.
A payment type that is understood to be an in-house service offered by the shop increases the trust in your online shop.
It makes the online shopping experience easier: Customers no longer have to skip back and forth between your online shop and the payment provider. This significantly increases the level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

High-tech API

PayPal uses our high-tech API, which offers technological benefits to online shops that offer PayPal payment on invoice. Our new API 2.0 is a REST-API. This simplifies the onboarding process.

The use of the JSON format (JavaScript Object Notation format) makes is easy to flexibly integrate payment on invoice without a major development effort.
Our API 2.0 facilitates smooth retailer onboarding during the real time risk analysis.
Idempotency, our security guarantor, considerably reduces errors at all stages of the transaction process.

“We are delighted that our retailers can now also offer a buy-now-pay-later solution to those of their customers who do not have a PayPal account, thanks to Ratepay’s Purchase by Open Invoice option. Customers are continuously expecting more from online retailers. A smooth payment process is an essential element of the customer journey.

Jörg Kablitz
Managing Director PayPal GER-A-CH region

The latest press release about our cooperation


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Der White-Label-Ansatz

Our White Label option

Online shops that offer all payment options in their own shop design enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate than shops that do so visibly via third-party providers. White Label solutions are therefore nothing but turnover boosting, and we are the leading providers of these in Europe.

More about our White Label option

Payment by Open Invoice

Payment on invoice is popular: It is easy and secure, and provides financial scope. In the GER-A-CH region, it is even the most popular payment type of all. Online shops that offer payment on invoice profit from higher conversion rates, fewer cart abandonments and a higher turnover.

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