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Maximize your market potential with the D-A-CH region’s favorite.

Unlike other places in the world, people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland prefer to pay with open invoice or direct debit. These methods of payment are also becoming more popular in the Netherlands. Why is that? The majority of people do not have credit cards and many do not trust third party providers.

In numbers, this means: online shops in German-speaking areas, which do not use our open invoice and direct debit (as well as installment payments and prepayment) solutions are renouncing to 60% of the market . We are happy to close this gap for you.

Zero risk for you, more time for your customers. Open invoice.

Open invoice is the most popular payment method in the D-A-CH region. Thanks to our 100 percent payment guarantee, you will receive your money no matter what, and your customers can conveniently pay later. The option to test the goods before payment increases the conversion, the average shopping cart size and thereby your sales. In addition, it opens you up to new customer groups. Additionally, there is no risk of buyer default or fraud . With Ratepay you can also customize due dates, overdue notice cycles, payment breaks and much more. This gives you the option of to adapt your checkout to your industry, your products and your customers. Our standard solution is merely a recommendation that we can customize as per your wishes. You have full control.

Everyone knows it and likes it, with no charge-back risk to you. Direct debit.

Direct debit is a trusted institution in the D-A-CH region and that’s not the only reason why it is so popular. The invoice amount is conveniently withdrawn from your customer’s account. You receive your money in any case, we assume the fraud and default risk for you. Your customers have full cost control, you receive 100 percent security and save administration costs from returned direct debits. Direct debit is particularly used for subscriptions and other recurring services. By storing their data, shoppers can easily pay with a single click on their next visit. Easy and safe, both for you as the retailer and for your customers.

Customers who want to take care of everything right away. Prepayment.

Your customers first transfer the invoice amount conveniently and safely and then receive the goods or service. We check the payment receipt for you. This way you have all the alternative payment methods in one channel and save unnecessary administration expenses.

Convenient no-risk purchasing power boost. Installments.

You always receive the full amount, while your customers can pay off the invoice over a period from 3 to 36 months. This gives your customers financial freedom and the option to commit to larger purchases without the need for Postident . We assume the default risk for you. Upon request, we can integrate a rate calculator directly into your checkout and onto your product page. Furthermore, you are completely flexible when it comes to financing options: zero percent financing, flexible repayment or classic installment purchase with an interest rate set by you – you have the choice. The installment purchase is a popular sales tool that you can use to provide existing and new customers more flexibility, and to encourage them to increase the basket size.

Additional features

+ Order Status API

With the Order Status API (OSA), we provide you (as a retailer) with centralized order and payment information , so that your customer service and your customers can have access to it at any time. This saves resources and ensures a better customer experience.

+ Pay later

With Pay Later your customers get even more flexibility. For a small fee and with just a few clicks, they can postpone the due date of their open invoice payments for anything between 14 to 150 days.

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