True partnership
is a privilege

That is why we focus on you

We are extremely loyal, extremely uncomplicated and extremely focused on delivering you the optimum BNPL solution with first-class support.

Our customer service agents are real people

We will look after you and your online shop or marketplace in the same comprehensive and personal way we liaise with your shoppers. When they contact us, they don’t have deal with an irritating chat robot first, and standard FAQs will never remain unanswered.

Our first level support is always on hand when it comes to fundamental payment processing questions. Our second level support consists of specially trained agents who, in the event of more complex problems, will also find a feasible solution that is acceptable to you and your customer.

Personal liaison

We want to be by your side at all times; personal customer relationship management is extremely important to us. As a retailer, you will therefore always have a personal key account manager by your side. They will be your permanent and dedicated contact, and will, for example, furnish you with a host of detailed analyses and reports with regard to your e-commerce business and the behaviour of your shoppers compiled from valuable data.

Full transparency and data ownership

Whatever we do, transparency is extremely important to us. Thanks to the software tool “Tableau” and with the aid of so-called OSA, you as a retailer can always monitor your turnover, acceptance quotas or also shopping carts in real time. We are also happy to meet with you to analyse and optimise your acceptance quotas, for example.

Our OSA can be integrated into every customer account as well as your app. Your customers can therefore also view the current payment status at any time. All of this, of course, in line with our white label option, i.e. in your design and without leaving your brand world.

Guaranteed 100% payout

We bear the payment default risk in full, no ifs and buts, irrespective of any pending status. We cooperate closely with you and optimise the prices and acceptance quotas with each transaction.

Comprehensive data protection

We are subject to the particularly strict supervision of the German federal financial supervisory authority BaFin, and store all data on German servers. When we store data, we do so in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

No up- or cross-selling

One thing is particularly important to us in these data-hungry times: We will neither up- nor cross-sell your data, and will never share your customers’ data with anyone. Our business model focuses solely on you and your customers.

“High level of service, pragmatism and solution-orientation. That is what we appreciate most about you. Your uncomplicated hands-on mentality never fails to impress.”

André Jaschinsky
Manager of Treasury, FLYERALARM

Further added values

Der White-Label-Ansatz

Our white label option

Online shops that offer all payment options in their own shop design enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate.

More about our white label option
Das flexible Baukastenprinzip

Flexible modular
system principle

Simply choose the modules you need from our high-tech modular system offer, and configure them according to your requirements.

More about modularisation

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