Perfect for everyone: Our modular system principle

The payment processing solution that perfectly adapts to your requirements

Benefit from the wide variety offered by our modular system of tailor-made payment solutions that are perfect for your e-commerce business.

Flexible pricing

In some sectors, returns play an important role, in others, they’re hardly an issue. That is also why we will ask you whether you would prefer payout in full before or after a potential return.

Flexible interest rates

You decide who bears which proportion of the instalment costs. You can either make your customers pay 100% of the costs, share them with your customers or even pay all of the costs yourself.

Flexible payout times

Together, we will identify the payout date that best suits your particular business model and your internal processes. We will determine the date perfectly in line with your e-commerce business.

Flexible late fee intervals

You also have plenty of scope when it comes to reminder and late fee intervals. Determine your particular late fee and reminder intervals together with us, and decide whether the respective communication should be sent in the post or via e-mail.

We speak for you

Do you address your customers formally or more informally? Do you use specific terms in your e-commerce business? We at Ratepay will adopt your corporate language when we communicate with your customers, and will speak to them just the way you would.

Loyal customer base concept

Do you have loyal customers whom you reward for their loyalty with preferential treatment? We take your positive experiences into account, and ensure that they have a positive effect on our risk premiums.

Instalment calculator

Payment by instalments boosts your turnover. With our instalment rate calculator, you make it even easier for your customers to pay by instalments. It provides a fast and convenient overview of the instalment terms offered and the respective interest rates that benefits all parties involved in the transaction.

Penalty freeze

In the event of inadvertently overlapping payment deadlines, returns, exchange processes or cooling-off periods, the purchase price due date is put on hold until the organisational issues have been sorted out. This prevents your customers from payment default through no fault of their own.

Friendly reminder and late payment management

Good customer relations are important even when there are problems that need to be resolved. A friendly credit control approach is therefore very important to us, and we will always communicate with your customers politely and with a listening ear.

“Ratepay offers precisely the tailor-made solutions that we need, and is also willing to go the extra mile with us with regard to development.”

Oliver Klapschus heizoel24

Oliver Klapschus
MD Heizöl24

Further added values

Der White-Label-Ansatz

Our white label option

Online shops that offer all payment options in their own shop design enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate.

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Die echte Partnerschaft

True partnership: long-term

When it comes to money, you need a partner you can rely on. A partner that is loyal and transparent, and always there for you.

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