Invisibility that can be seen. What’s behind our white-label hero campaign.

A young woman dances through Berlin with consummate ease, merging with her surroundings. That’s what it looks like, the key visual for Ratepay’s big white-label hero campaign, in which one of the crucial pillars of our payment solutions becomes the unlikely protagonist: Our invisibility. Haven’t seen the film yet? Here it is:

In the end, everything looks very simple. The lightness, the dancing woman, a clear message. The film for our white-label hero campaign uses its heroine to show exactly what it’s like: our white-label solutions blend seamlessly with our clients’ designs and bring lightness to a subject that is otherwise often complicated and laborious. But of course, the lightness of the film, just like our solutions, is the result of a lot of meticulous work.

With the film and the accompanying campaign, we want to further increase our brand awareness – among the largest online shops and resellers, but also in the e-commerce scene in general and, of course, among potential new employees. The campaign will be played out exclusively on digital channels. Accordingly, it will be seen on LinkedIn, YouTube or as display advertising on the pages of relevant trade magazines.

The crucial question was: How do we make something visible that is invisible?

Let’s turn back time once again. At the beginning, the question was: How do we make visible what Ratepay is all about, when our entire business model is geared towards invisibility? The most visible thing about our payment solutions is the growth they generate.

The better conversion, the larger shopping baskets, the newly conquered customers. And thus the measurable increase in the number of purchases. But the why is invisible. The ease of the payment processes and the merging with the design of our customers, so that the shoppers can remain in their brand world and are not redirected to another website or confused by a foreign logo.

It was clear to us that we were actually asking for something impossible with our brief: Create a visually compelling film that is about a product whose unique selling point is invisibility. But the challenge was accepted and the result is a film that fits Ratepay perfectly.

“It was important to us not to create a generic B2B image film, but to apply content elements that are actually typical for B2C target groups to the B2B world, thus emotionally charging the Ratepay brand.“


Christoph Brack
Head of Marketing and Communications (Ratepay)

The campaign conveys a complex topic with surprising clarity

Michael Kittel, Managing Director of the executing agency XY, explains the film as follows: „We are conveying a complex topic here with surprising clarity: Ratepay’s white-label solutions adapt perfectly to the brand world of Ratepay customers and make their lives easy. To translate this into an image, we invented our white-label heroine: A woman endowed with dancing ease who leads the viewer through different worlds, proving her unique adaptability time and again. The images tell everyone what Ratepay does – even those who don’t deal with payment solutions on a daily basis.“

So in the end, everything looks simple. All the effort behind it disappears into invisibility just like our payment solutions and the heroine of the film. It’s a wrap.